Announcement Date: January 1, 2013





Business Challenge

The on-premise SAP-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system needed to account for new sales models.
It required an entirely new user experience to support new business processes for commissioned sales teams.
The business had a business vision. IT had a technical architecture. No one had created a UX Vision.
With over 300 people involved in the project, and with the UX team brought in 1+ year after the work had begun, the UX team had its work cut out for it:
  • Neither IT nor the business had a deep understanding of UX
  • No one understood the need for, or benefit of, having a UX vision




The team crafted a UX Vision “playbook” based on a five-pointed star metaphor. As important as each point was, equally important were the cross-connections among the points. 
The Vision playbook laid out:
  • each of the experience points,
  • a roadmap for each of the points,
  • a deep dive into each of the points and
  • a set of “key paths” illustrating how the experience played out across the points.
We delivered a five minute, professionally produced vision video, demonstrating the results of achieving the proposed vision.




Crafting a vision began with primary user research and Persona development, along with a series of “vision quests:” three multi-day workshops, Over 1/3rd of the project team members (100+ people) attended at least one workshop.
In parallel with the workshops the team identified several metaphors for the experience: Team Sport, Cirque de Soleil, Game Board, Star Map, Mission Control. Eventually we landed on Improv Jazz Ensemble.
Within 9 months, the team had completed all basic research, landed on a driving metaphor for the experience, brought 100s of people along and established a desired information and interaction architecture



_DSC0323My Contribution_DSC0316

I was responsible for leading the entire effort:
  • Driving/facilitating the vision workshops
  • Directing the primary research
  • Creative Direction on concept and metaphor work
  • Creative Direction on vision playbook
  • Writer and producer of video
I was responsible for socializing the concept, the process and the deliverables across both the IT and business partner organizations