Announcement Date: January 1, 2015



Business Challenge

How to get my design team members up to speed on a powerful and emerging design-research process?
Further, how to propagate the technique across the company without teaching individual courses?



A 400+ page book, published by Morgan Kaufmann with 100s of figures and illustrations, including contributions by many leading figures in UX.
The book is divided into three parts: Why use Presumptive Design, What it is and How to do it.



Over the course of a year, Charles Lambdin (my co-author) and I began a series of talks, presentations and workshops, gathering material and posting blogs.
We began looking for a publisher in Spring, 2014, securing Morgan Kaufmann in August. We completed the manuscript in January 2015.


My Contribution

Presumptive Design Book CoverI created the concept of Presumptive Design in 2004.
I was responsible for at least 50% of the writing in the book and co-designed the layout, font choices, styling and illustrations.
I worked with a visual designer to establish the final color ways, layout templates in InDesign and layered graphic treatments in Photoshop. 
In addition to partnering with Charles on authoring and proofreading, I have been responsible for managing the project. 


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