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CHI2016 PrD Course – A Spectacular Outcome

photo of toy figure on microfiche spool

20 UXers from across the discipline’s spectrum participated in a five hour Presumptive Design course on the final day of CHI2016 in San Jose, CA. By all measures, the course was considered a huge success: NPS of +42, respondents said it was worth attending (6.3 out of 7), and all were deeply engaged.

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It was a full agenda:

IntroThe Engagement Session InterviewBreak
What is PrD?Engagement Session PrepDebrief/Analysis
The Design ChallengeArtifact PreparationReport-outs
What are AssumptionsLunchWhat is PrD?
The Importance of ObjectivesArtifact PreparationEvaluation / Books
Identifying TasksEngagement SessionEvaluation / Books
Identifying ContextEngagement SessionEvaluation / Books


Attendees mentioned validating assumptions, excellent facilitation, working with outside users, and the balance between theory and practice as some of the high points of the course. In spite of extending the course an hour beyond its intended fours hours, participants thought it could have gone on all day.

“A fun, engaging course!”

“I could use [PrD] in my everyday work.”

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