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UXPA Webinar – Great Attendance, Great Questions

1st person POV in race car on trackOver 80 registrants joined this UXPA hosted webinar with Charles and Leo in their overview of the Presumptive Design process, sponsored by Key Lime Interactive.

The key point of the presentation was to underscore the difference between PrD and other agile methods, such as Lean UX or Google Venture Design Sprints (GVDS). In brief, PrD focuses on the “problem space,” where most agile approaches assume the problem is understood and focus on the solution space.

The presentation begins by highlighting how agile merely forces UX to go faster without permitting the discipline to do its job better. PrD, in contrast, allows teams to quickly determine whether the problem, as stated by the sponsoring stakeholders, really is the problem users care about.

It continues by situating PrD in the landscape of other user research techniques as well as design thinking models. The speakers distinguish PrD from Lean UX, GVDS, usability studies and rapid prototyping and show how the process accelerates time to insight.”


Diagram illustrating PrD's velocity

The presentation concluded with discussions about how PrD artifacts differ from prototypes: artifacts test the problem, before a decision about the project has been made; prototypes rapidly converge on solutions to the problem, post-decision point.

We got great questions and follow up inquiries about how to apply the process. Many of the attendees of the webinar also attended the UXPA’16 workshop.