We’re available to facilitate PrD workshops at your convenience.

Workshops come in three flavors

  • Presumptive Design Training
  • Creation Session Facilitation
  • Conference Short Courses

PrD Training

We offer a two-day training on PrD including theory and background through logistics and best known methods. TopicsĀ from the training syllabus include:

  • PrD and Design Thinking
  • The Five Principles
  • Facilitating the Creation Session
  • Improving the odds of success

PrD Training Workshops are most effective when part of an existing project. In these cases, we can assist in integrating training and applying the technique.

Contact us to discuss details and pricing

Creation Session Facilitation

Getting your internal team aligned on their assumptions and crafting a “magical” artifact is a lot of fun. But it isn’t something you may do every day. We do. We do it a lot. And we’d be happy to help you and your team get the most out of a session.

Depending on your project, the CS may only be a few hours. In unusual cases, it can take multiple days. We’re happy to discuss the details of your project and how we can participate.

Contact us to discuss details and pricing on Creation Session facilitation.

Conference Short Courses

We offer short-courses, tutorials and mini-workshops focused on key aspects of PrD.

If you are a conference organizer and would like to learn more about how PrD can support your objectives, please get in touch.